Documentary-tribute to the historical bouzouki master and the first bouzouki player
who played at the Herodeion at the age of 17, Giannis Moraitis.

“Gurdian of the Bouzouki” as he says and adds “I stay last to close the door”.

His restless character brought him next to great composers, singers and musicians such as:
Vassilis Tsitsanis, Marko Vamvakaris, George Lafkas, Giannis Papaioannou, Sotiria Bellou,
Kaiti Gray, Stratos Dionisiou, Stelios Kazantzidis,
Poly Panou, Angela Dimitriou, Haris Alexiou and many others.

“The history of rebetiko and folk music lives between us,” says mezzo soprano Alexandra Gravas about Giannis Moraitis
in the documentary.

Giving us the unique “rakish” way of playing the bouzouki, as fellow musicians describe it,
Giannis Moraitis narrates his over sixty years of fascinating musical journey.

Giannis Moraitis with his bouzouki has traveled all over the world of Greek music and reminiscing about his past, declares himself present and ready for action at any time.

He plays the bouzouki non-stop since the morning, rehearses and walks non-stop.

By recording with the camera his daily life and his actions, the viewer will find out, except of course his unique talent, that Moraitis is a pleasant and very dear person, he has many friends and countless admirers. He loves them all and has a good word for everyone.
“I could have been a better person. “This would make our society better”, he says characteristically.

This path of life is followed all these years by Giannis Moraitis and this path will continue. The authenticity that distinguishes Giannis Moraitis inspired Katerina Pantazopoulou who directed the documentary and recorded the life of the “last guardian of the bouzouki, the last rebeti bouzouki player”.

Screenplay – Direction: Katerina Pantazopoulou

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